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Frequently Asked Questions

 These are just the answers to questions that I am often asked, so I figured I would answer them here:

Do you have reviews?

I do not. The review culture isn't one of which I am particularly fond. I prefer that the details of arrangements be mostly private. However, I am accepting testimonials, and I would love for you to leave me one, so I can list it here.


Do you tour?


I currently do not tour. If you want to see me outside of the cities listed on my rates page, I suggest flying me out to see you, or flying in to see me.



Are there pets are your in call location?


Yes, there are both dogs and a cat. They will be put away during sessions, unless you just want to hang out with them, too. While I do put them away, if you have allergies, I do suggest an outcall date.



What is your favorite color?


Without a doubt, PINK!



Do take outfit suggestions?


I cannot make a guarantee that I can accommodate, but you may absolutely ask. If the occasion is something that requires a certain attire (beach date. Black tie, etc), please let me know that, so I can dress appropriately. If you have request, please allow time for me to try to make that happen.



Do you have a menu?


Well, I am a human, not a restaurant, so no. I also ask that you refrain from asking explicit questions. I am unable to answer those, and it may result in the termination of our communications.



Do you see men of all ethnicities?


ABSOLUTELY! I do not discriminate on race, ethnicity, or country of origin.



Do you see all ages?


Unfortunately, no. I require my suitors to be at least 30 years old, and I prefer the over 50 crowd.



Do you see couples?


Of course! I love seeing couples. Please be sure both partners are on the same page about this.



Will you travel outside the US with me?


I would love to! I am passport ready, and she is itching for more stamps


What is your favorite food?


Honestly, I love food, and I am down for anything, except indian cuisine. I never developed a taste for it. I am new to the mid-northeast part of the US, so I am dying to try your favorite place.